Huron Valley Section

Chemistry Seminars in SE Michigan - 2016-2017

U of M Macromolesular Science & Engineering Schedule


  • October 11: Lei Jiang - Chinese Academy of Sciences & Beijing University, 2 pm, Research Auditorium, NCRC Building 10; Smart Interfacial Materials from Super-Wettability to Binary Cooperative Complementary Systems - Absract here.
  • October 14: Stephen Cheng - University of Akron, 3 PM, Room TBD; Precisely Functionalized Molecular Nanoparticles Are Unique Elements for Macromolecular Science: From “Nanoatoms” to Giant Molecules - Abstract here.
  • November 14: Shu Yang - University of Pennsylvania, 4 PM, Johnson Rooms, Lurie Engineering Center; "Foldable and Responsive Soft Metamaterials" -  Abstract here
  • January 17: Timothy Swager - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2:30 PM, Johnson Rooms, Lurie Engineering Center
  • February 28: Scott White - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 3 PM, Johnson Rooms, Lurie Engineering Center
Eastern Michigan University Chemistry Schedule
  • Sept. 26th: Babak Borhan, MSU - Organic Chemistry
  • Oct. 10th: Jay Otten, retired from BSF - "35 years of innovation at BASF Corp, The Chemical Company" 
  • Oct. 24th: Hrant Hratchian, UC Merced - Computational Chemistry
  • Nov. 7th: Alan Attie, UW Madison - Genetics of Obesity jointly sponsored by CSIE